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“Nourishing a local economy”

“Nourishing a local economy”

The Co-op Connection
by Chris Bauman

Say "Cheese"

Say “CHEESE”                                            

“Resilient Communities” The CO-OP CONNECTION - A report by Nina Westaway

“Resilient Communities”
A Report - by Nina Westaway

Dr. Vanada Shiva

The Monashee Community Co-op has celebrated over a year of successful marketing of organic produce and groceries in Lumby. The underpinnings of this endeavor are based on such principles as expounded by world renowned organic crusader Dr. Vandana Shiva who was in Vernon this year for the conference of the Certified Organic Association of BC (Feb. 24.)

Vandana Shiva reminded us of the external costs that chemical pesticides cause to the biosphere. Any damage caused by bad farming practices are passed onto to society. Such agreements as the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) indemnify our losses. The touted efficiency of industrial food production is a myth, and one that destroys bio-diversity. Data about yields are manipulated and the nutrition from such food is degraded. She mentioned our one-time environmentalist Patrick Moore who had it wrong about the nutritional benefits of Golden Rice (owned by Monsanto subsidiary Syngenta). Our animal feed consisting of corn and soy is 90% GMO and as such becomes concentrated in what humans eat—to our detriment.

2016 COABC Conference - Vernon, BC - The Co-Op Connection

2016 COABC Conference - Vernon, BC
The Co-op Connection



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