Volunteer Survey - January 2017

Although the Monashee Community Co-op depends entirely on volunteers,
only 10% of our membership volunteers.

We are concerned about burn-out for those who do volunteer,
and that some days we cannot open due to lack of volunteers.

We want to encourage a stronger sense of community and ownership.
Please take a few minutes to complete this survey by printing it, filing it in by pen, and return it to the store or to a board member (Nevin, Robin, Chris, or Jen)

— OR —

Fill it in ONLINE by clicking HERE

Cleaner(s) wanted!

Joan & Bruce Hunter, who have been doing a marvelous job of keeping the Co-Op clean, have to take a break for health reasons.  So, we’re looking for someone to take on the cleaning service for the store.

Joan & Bruce typically put in a couple of hours a week, however, this could be job shared.
Joan will coach the new cleaners.

Meeting: Encourage or recruit new volunteers

A meeting to discuss how to encourage or recruit new volunteers is coming up this Friday.

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