to order caselots (bulk) 

Fowl for Sale

We have 12 pasture-raised, GMO-free, raised without antibiotics turkeys from Rossdown farms in Abbotsford at 4 - 6 kg each for $4/lb.

Also we have 49 chickens that are certified organic. No prices yet. 

Christmas Goods & Services Silent Auction

Store - 1965 Shuswap Ave #3
Fri, Dec 1 (All day) to Thu, Dec 21 (All day)

gift ideasExtended to the Solstice

Robin LeDrew and Ester Walker are looking for something from everyone and for everyone.

Get creative! 2 trips to Vernon or 4 hours of babysitting; a massage or personal yoga session; homemade salsa or fruitcake; hand knitted scarf or bells for your toes!

When the auction is up and running, you can come in any time the Co-Op is open to make a bid. Figure out which items would be great Christmas presents for those in your life who appreciate local and offered from the heart. For more information or if you would like to help, contact Robin at 250.547.6397.

Nourishing a Local Economy

The Co-op Connection
by Chris Bauman

The rise of the co-operative movement was a profound response to the injustices which arose out of the factory system in the U.K. during the Industrial Revolution.

A Rumination on Agricultural Widsom

In mediaeval Europe, most of the land was held by manor houses but in practice run by groups of serfs or commoners who tended it, managed crop rotation and multi-use, preserving the fertility of the soil as much as possible. The rights of the commoner to the use of common land was gradually eroded most famously in the English Enclosure Acts. Many landowners became rich through the enclosure of the commons, while many ordinary folk lost a centuries-old right.

Eating Local is Better for Everything!

The Co-op Connection
by Huguette Allen
Vancouver plans to become a global leader in urban food systems and this includes increasing city-wide and neighbourhood food assets by a minimum of 50% over 2010 levels by 2020. They are already at 36%!

There are many reasons why cities create local food systems and not least among them is the economic gains that come with growing, selling and eating local. Money spent locally creates a multiplier effect, meaning it circulates three times in our own community instead of being given out into the global sphere.

Resilient Communities

Dr. Vanada ShivaThe Co-op CONNECTION
by Nina Westaway

The Monashee Community Co-op has celebrated over a year of successful marketing of organic produce and groceries in Lumby. The underpinnings of this endeavor are based on such principles as expounded by world renowned organic crusader Dr. Vandana Shiva who was in Vernon this year for the conference of the Certified Organic Association of BC (Feb. 24.)


Ginette with honey from Monashee Community Co-Opwooden-honey-dipper-with-honey.jpg

When is Honey NOT Honey?
When it’s from China!

Culinary “Liquid Gold” can be Fool’s Gold.
According to Food Safety News, more than 75 percent of honey sold in U.S. grocery stores isn't actually the same thing honey bees produce.

Testing done at Texas A&M University, showed that the market is flooded with cheap, fake Indian or Chinese honey diluted with inexpensive sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup (known to be GMO).


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